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Iowa Reading Association 

2017 ESEA Title I Conference
Dive into Reading
Tuesday-Wednesday, June 27-28 | 8am 

One Graduate Credit | $150

Northwestern College is offering 1 graduate credit to licensed teachers who attend the Iowa Reading Association Conference. To be eligible for the graduate credit, you must register for the Reading Conference on the Iowa Reading Association website and Northwestern's graduate credit by 9:00am on June 27 by using the form below. Course registration is also available on the first day of the conference on-site.   
Please contact with questions.

Graduate Credit Requirements

    1. Fully engage at the Iowa Reading Conference by attending all 12 sessions.
      Assignment: Write a reflection on each session you attended. Your reflection should include highlights, content that opposed or aligned to your current practice, primary take-aways, and areas where you would like to do more research.

    2. Extend and share your learning in an area of interest following the conference.
      Assignment: Choose one area from the session reflections you expressed interest in researching further. Find at least three articles in scholarly journals that relate to that area of interest. Synthesize what you learned from those articles in a manuscript form, similar to an education blog, website or magazine. Use examples from your experiences with children to connect the research to practice and increase the interest to a potential reader.

    3. Submit both assignments digitally by July 31.
      A syllabus will be provided on the first day of the conference at Northwestern College’s booth with specific requirements, submission details and information on requesting transcripts.
      Course registration is nonrefundable.

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