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BUS440 World Poverty and Development

Nelson Mandela said, “Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice.” To do justice to the fight against poverty, one must understand the complex causes and contexts and the role of socio-economic, cultural, political and religious factors. A thorough understanding of global poverty and development is fundamental for promoting transformational development projects. (4 credits)

 In this class, students will:

  • Explore and understand the heart of God for the poor
  • Understand and be prepared to respond faithfully to the Biblical mandate to care for the poor as individuals, communities and organizations
  • Learn the “industry of development” and the difference between investment and exploitation
  • Understand how to promote development and justice, both generally and in specific country contexts
  • Appreciate the variety of approaches for assisting the poor—and learn to evaluate their integrity and effectiveness