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NWC Adapted PE Conference

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Nate Hinz

Keynote: Nate Hinze 
Paralympian, Sheboygan Area Middle School athletic director 

Nate will share his personal journey through childhood cancer then discovering the sport of wheelchair basketball. He will talk about the vital role that physical education teachers play when working with their students about opening doors and opportunities.

Nate was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his junior year of high school when he was 16 years old. He went through nine months of chemotherapy and a 14-hour surgery to remove a tumor from his leg. In that surgery, they replaced his knee and part of his tibia with titanium. In 2015, he celebrated his 10th year of being cancer-free. He is a two-time Paralympian (2012, 2016); Two-time medalist (1 gold, 1 bronze).

Lyle Lundgren

Lyle Lundgren, Physical education teacher, coach
Creating an Adaptive PE Program

After working with special needs students for 24 years in different class settings, Lyle helped develop the first adaptive physical education class at MOC-FV high school. The Peer Mentor/Adaptive Physical Education program is now in its third year.

Lyle will share his experiences, challenges, and steps for Physical Ed. Teachers in creating a successful adapted PE class.


  Heath Ter Wee

Heath Ter Wee, Physical education teacher, coach     
One-on-One Adaptive PE, Play with a Purpose 

Heath Ter Wee speaks from his experience in developing and implementing his school district’s first Adaptive PE program for students from Pre-Kindergarten through age 21. The educator that the kids call Mr. T has developed a curriculum that focuses on Play with a Purpose.  Working primarily one-on-one with each student during the Adaptive PE time, he utilizes fun and games to help students meet their developmental needs and goals. He also collaborates with regular PE teachers throughout the district to help students with disabilities get involved and succeed in the regular PE setting, in addition to the Adaptive program. The Adaptive PE program also includes Special Olympics involvement and monthly group activities like swimming and bowling. Input from AEA and clinic-based occupational and physical therapists is an integral part of the personalized curriculum developed for each student.

Heath will share the tips and tools he has developed from over a decade of leading an Adaptive PE program in a growing district.

Sprout Pediatric Therapy

Sprout Pediatric Therapy, Libby Van Bruggen, OTR/L and Rachel Brunsting  
Sensory Tools and Strategies for Supporting Children with Developmental Challenges     

Sprout Pediatric Therapy was founded in 2016 by Libby Van Bruggen to offer occupational therapy for children in Northwest Iowa with a family-centered, occupation-based, and holistic approach. We support children with a variety of developmental challenges, helping them increase their independence and participation in daily life. Attendees will visit Sprout and learn hands-on sensory tools and strategies for students.

Libby is an AOTA board-certified occupational therapist with special training in Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding approach. For eight years she practiced as a school-based pediatric occupational therapist in Northwest Iowa. Her passion for building strong relationships with children and their families led her to found Sprout Pediatric Therapy in Orange City.

Rachel is mother of Kyan, diagnosed with autism at age 4. She speaks through the struggles and triumphs in finding resources and tools for her son. She helps to educate and advocate for families and children.

Groskruetz family

Jon and Kauline Groskruetz  
Developing physical fitness in kids with special needs: a parents’ perspective   

Jon and Kauline have adopted three children with special needs. They have discovered the importance of physical activity and fitness for children's development and health. From a parent's perspective, they will share challenges, encouragement, and ideas for developing physical fitness for kids with special needs.

Amber Coburn, Physical Therapist

Jen Van Otterloo

Amber Coburn, Northwest AEA Physical Therapist    
Jen Van Otterloo, 
Physical education teacher   
PT and Teacher Partnership for Success   

Amber is the Northwest AEA physical therapist serving a number of school districts in Northwest Iowa for the past 14 years. She works with children from birth through high school serving children with physical disabilities.  She collaborates directly with schools, teachers, and parents in order to assist students in their abilities to participate in their education.
Jen is in her 8th year of teaching at Kinsey Elementary. Jen is very passionate about helping kids be healthy, strong and learning lifetime fitness. After working with Special needs students in her Gen Ed. classes and starting to work with students individually, she developed an Adapted P.E. Program for Kinsey. The first-year program offers 1-1 work with students including goals, data tracking, and IEPs. She also teaches group Adapted PE class and offers assistance in Gen Ed P.E.

Amber and Jen will discuss how the AEA physical therapist and PE teacher can partner in order to best address and serve the needs of all students. They will share examples of assessments and goals for Adaptive PE in an elementary program and IEP documentation that can be implemented for a successful adaptive pe program.